A piano album produced in New York, released in Taiwan, with seven songs, seven poems, and seven stories. 


Three Taiwanese musicians who currently live in New York is presenting the most important voices of their hearts with a piano performance album. Pianist  Emily Ho revealed the depth of the soul under her fearless and profound piano touches. Composer Mitch Lin preserves the truest emotions in his notes. Recording producer Aggie Tai took a delicate perspective to record each of the most beautiful moments in the performance and turning those moments into an eternal record. The heart of the artists is unusually bright in different places. The album "Dreamland" may have to talk to people "Even if the times and the environment change, our heart will be bravely going forward."


寫給鋼琴的七首原創歌曲 x 七篇新詩創作。獻上那一幕幕曾經屬於他們心底最深處的風景
在夜裡,遙遠的近景,若隱若現的輪廓是朝思暮想的家,乍然驚醒,我還來不及告別呢!朦朧的眼裡映入的是一個熙來攘往、刻不容緩的城市,似夢似醒之際,遠方悠然的響起了幸福的序曲,呢喃的唱著,不正是青春的你?所以再一次,在揮別青春的率性之後,我赤誠的向自己告白,凝視著你的雙眼,那清澈無暇的眼眸,映著一個似曾相識的倒影,你溫柔的牽著我的手,像是做了一個前世今生的夢,眼角瞥見了多年前寫下的那封情書,在微弱的心跳裡,我尋回了從心開始 的勇氣,遠方又響起了模糊的樂聲,夢裡熟悉的輪廓,竟然漸漸地浮現在這城市目不暇給的光芒裡,這一次堅定的、勇敢的,終於我得以再一次啟程,去尋找那美的時刻

Dreamland Piano Album